Thursday, November 19, 2009

SodaGiants video review of Doc Zola

Thanks again to John for the open and honest review of Doc Zola. We were excited to see that you liked the flavor and the packaging. is a new online blog about sodas new and old. You can find the review of Doc Zola on Johns website at or link to it from the YouTube video below.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One mans Passion for Glass Bottled Soda!

Thank you big soda company but I own my shelf space. Its great to hear the passion in his voice about the glass bottled sodas around the world. Banana Soda, Rose Petal Soda, real fruit sodas... just amazing that soo many people have a love for the carbonated beverage. Great insight into why a glass bottled soda tastes so much better. John Nese and we thank you.

Props to SodaGiant for posting this on their Blog and for the video, and check out Soda Pop Stop’s website.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sun Drop picks up Doc Zola

Doc Zola is being picked up by Sun Drop Bottling Co. of Concord, NC. We are very proud here at Pipeline Brands to have a relationship with this company. The Sun Drop story has quite a history and joined the Cadbury family in 1989. Read more about this great company here.
Doc Zola is a classic tasting soft drink that blends a crisp cinnamon flavor with a smooth cherry finish. Doc Zola has also received rave reviews by consumers and has generated a loyal following on Twitter and has a branded website (Pipeline Brands) to keep up with growing demand from teens and twenty somethings.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Doc Zola sponsored SkaterAid in Decatur Georgia

Pipeline Brands donated 10 cases of Doc Zola to a very important event held every year just outside of Atlanta, GA called Skater Aid were the event is based around local music and of course skateboarding, but the big picture is that they raise a lot of money for kids hospitals and foundations to help those that cant afford quality healthcare.

SkaterAid was started in 2005 to celebrate the life of Ian Wochatz. A Decatur teen and avid skateboarder, Ian was diagnosed with an especially virulent type of brain cancer, and died on July 4, 2005 at age 15. SkaterAid provided a place for all those who loved Ian to honor his memory in a way he would have approved of...with music, friends and skateboarding.

SkaterAid's mission is to support families who are dealing with the tragedy of pediatric cancer. We hope to be an even bigger part of the event next year and thank those that let Doc Zola launch into such a special event.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JP Vending Picks up Doc Zola

JP Vending - has picked up Doc Zola and will be stocking a number of their routs with the new Soda from Pipeline Brands. Doc Zola has been making good strides in several markets and everyone seems to like the crisp cinnamon flavor with a cherry finish. We hope to see more from Pipeline Brands and thank JP Vending for trying the "Keeper of Good Taste" Doc Zola. If you have any Questions check out our brands at

Monday, August 31, 2009

Great News on the Soda Pop Blog

Learning the ropes online with the Soda Pop Blog. Great news about the past, present and future of the soda industry.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marketing Old Time Sodas Online?

Hello to all that remember and that are fans of old time sodas and those flavors that just taste better out of the glass bottle. My name is John DeRolph and I am now working with Guy DiCenzo on a new approach to marketing, distributing and selling old time sodas. We are also working on our own flavors and brands that I will blog about later. Guy and I are launching Pipeline Brands to give online fans a platform to reach out and find there favorite old time flavors from their past. Thanks for checking us out and we will return with more links, info and contests as to how you can win some free prizes and swag.